What is COPstance?

COPstance – is a plugin for SideFX Houdini, which brings additional functionality to the unlimited power of procedural generation.

It provides you with 13 most powered atomic Substance Designer-like nodes: Blend, Channels Shuffle, Directional Warp, Distance, Gradient (Dynamic), FX-Map, Gradient Map, Grayscale Conversion, Levels, Normal, Transformation 2D, Warp and Emboss. Also, you can use many other nodes from Substance Designer (Arc Pavement, Checker, Cube 3D, Splatter, Splatter Circular, Tile, Tile Generator, Fibers, Gaussian, Gradient Linear, Mesh, Shape, Shape Mapper, Slope Blur, Waveform, Fluid, Liquid, Weave 1, Weave 2, Weave Generator).

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Installer for Windows:

Download COPstance for Houdini 20.0

Download COPstance for Houdini 19.5

Download COPstance for Houdini 19.0

Download COPstance for Houdini 18.5


You can install COPstance in any directory you want.

After installation, you can find all the plugin nodes under the Substance submenu in the COP2 context.

COPstance menu

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COP Substance nodes almost identical to corresponding Substance Designer atomic nodes.

Usage Examples

Video of usage

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